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A Reading Room for One

For the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale artist Marta Wengorovius teamed with architect Francisco Aires Mateus to produce this little slice of paradise; a reading cabin for one.     

The simple wood structure is fit for one person, holds one bookshelf and has a raised seating area and that’s it. It is light by a skylight.

The artist populated the bookshelf by asking 20 guests to choose three books each for the library.

"Sharing this itinerant project creates a community between people who read the books, the guests who chose the books and the people who will read the books wherever the cabin shall pass," says Wengorovius.

The project had its first opening on December 2012 in Paredes, north of Portugal. The library is scheduled to be in a different place each year. If exhibited in a foreign country the books will be translated and available in the native language of the country.

Full coverage at dezeen: One, Two and Many by Marta Wengorovius

Project at artists website

Shaded Contentment

How long does it take
for the beaches to dry
after it rains?
Does sand soak up
the sun like our skin
When we trample
over it, complaining
of its white heat,
is it content
in itself?
Does the coolness
of its deep-down grains
temperate the suns
haughty airs?
Because my toes
can feel
the shaded contentment
and want no more
of the sun’s restless rays.

I’ve often said there are no rules for writers. Let me share the WORST AND MOST HARMFUL ADVICE I was ever given by others. 1) Write what you know. 2) You’ll have to polish every sentence you write three or four times. 3) Genius is one tenth talent and nine tenths hard work and 4) You’re not a real writer if you don’t write every day. —- ALL OF THAT WAS HARMFUL TO ME. ALL OF IT. IT HURT AND IT SET ME BACK. ——- So I say again, there are no rules. It’s amazing how willing people are to tell you that you aren’t a real writer unless you conform to their cliches and their rules. My advice? Reject rules and critics out of hand. Define yourself. Do it your way. Make yourself the writer of your dreams. Protect your voice, your vision, your characters, your story, your imagination, your dreams.

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Guards: Oh no. Wait. Stop. No. Don’t steal those. Get back here, you criminal. (Pfft! Can’t believe they’re falling for it!)

I read that in a sarcastic voice



why is this so funny?

Who I aspire to be on a daily basis.

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SweetPoffin’s Female Cover Of Hellfire



It was just going to be a sketch and then my hand slipped

oh my actual god yes yes yes

It’s much more sinister and terrifying with the same female pronouns when you consider that lesbian and bisexual women have actually been burned to death by the church. It adds another chilling layer to this song.

OH MY ACTUALLY GOD! THIS WAS SCARILY AMAZING! I HATE MY SELF FOR LIKING THIS! Just listen. It’s fucking amazing. *dies* I screamed when I listened to it.


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